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The Main is not a stream: gigs beyond the mainstream


You’ve found our website, that’s great. This is the place to read all about the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area’s most interesting non- mainstream gigs. We’re just afraid that not all of the articles we publish at irregular intervals can be translated into English. But still, we hope you will enjoy looking at our pictures and watching our clips.

Here’s a brief introduction to our site to help you browse its pages:

Current news can be found in our blog. Clicking the top picture/website header on each page will take you back to the blog from anywhere on the site. Click on the pictures within articles to enlarge them and simply click the picture again to return to the article. You can also post your own comments underneath the newest articles.

Under listings („Ausgehtipps“), you will find some of our recommendations for gigs, parties and other events coming up in the next weeks. We’re also continuously expanding our flyer gallery („Flyer“).

We welcome your feedback, be it praise, criticism or suggestions for improvement. You can get in touch with us by using the contact field („Kontakt“). If you would like to know who we actually are and why we created this website, then read on below.


Rockstage-Riot-Rheinmain.de is a collective, still quite small at present, of music aficionados of a certain age, mainly with a (punk) rock background. Our team members are into bands whose genres are best described as rock’n’roll, beat, garage, punk, hardcore, rockabilly, psychobilly, ska and metal.

Most of the authors and photographers on our team have previously worked or still work in media and publishing. This, however, is the place where we want to leave all those regulations and rules of our day jobs behind and just have fun.


There’s a wealth of non-mainstream acts that keep working their socks off on stages in or around Frankfurt, quite often in front of just a handful of punters and for very little cash. Every week, they are our motivation for spending evenings and nights in dimly-lit and (sometimes) smoke-filled venues. A few years ago, we started taking pictures at those shows and putting pen to paper to capture some of those moments, initially just for our own pleasure.

At some point, we realised there was no current website from the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area dedicated to presenting this multi-faceted, colourful and occasionally crazy scene in its entirety. And then someone had the idea of making pictures and articles available online to others that might be interested. For that purpose, we got in touch with old acquaintances again, made new friends and won them over to support this inspiring project. What you have in front of you now is the outcome of that.

Now obviously, Frankfurt’s not Berlin or Hamburg, where there’s a cool gig to go to every other night. But nonetheless our neck of the woods has a few interesting gigs to offer every month as well, and we will try our best to cover them with Les Terriblesarticles and pictures. Subscribe to our RSS feed (it’s free) or follow us on Twitter (ditto) to keep up to date with our most recent blog entries.

Our online live events overview for 2011 is now (all but) complete. We intend to go further back and also include the best shows of previous years in this website. This may take a while yet as we’re unfortunately not in a position to have unlimited time available. There are still dozens of dormant articles and hundreds of untouched photos in our drawers or on our hard drives.


When writing our articles, we aim to try and do without the hard facts about the bands we present. These can checked on dozens of encyclopaedic websites anyway (or you already know it all anyhow). And we’re not musicians either, so we don’t claim to be able to judge how good certain band members are at mastering their instruments.

We’re about getting as close as possible to capturing and communicating the atmosphere of a gig and describing moments experienced that we think are noteworthy. All of this will inevitably be subjective – one person may find something exciting, the other boring.

It should be added by the way that the views and attitudes expressed in gig reviews reflect the opinions of the author in question only, and not those of the entire team.


As a rule, we don’t post pictures showing gig goers in compromising situations. For the simple reason that we ourselves wouldn’t really fancy featuring in some blogs in that manner. So no one needs to be scared of one of our paparazzi’s snapshots.

Should there be pictures showing the audience that are a bit borderline and we would like to include them, we will either ask for the permission of those depicted or blur their faces. If you recognise yourself in one of these photos and don’t mind us posting the actual original shot, please let us know.

All pictures published on this website – with the exception of the „Listings“ section, where authorised promotional shots will sometimes be used – have been taken by the Rockstage-Riot-Rheinmain team itself. Downloading pics for your private use is fine, but using pictures for commercial purposes is prohibited. Bands shown are welcome to ask for high-resolution photos to be used on their own websites or elsewhere. Just get in touch.

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Rockstage-Riot-Rheinmain.de aims to be a platform for fans made by fans. In other words: get involved and drop us a line. You may have a completely different view on whatever happened at one of the shows or have witnessed something else that could be interesting. If so, we’re going to publish your comments promptly.

However, please bear in mind: there is no room for comments that are racist, sexist, extremely offensive or just plain rude. But that should be obvious anyway.

If you want to keep up to date with our stuff, subscribe to our feeds and you will automatically be notified whenever something is going on in this blog. We will never pass on any data to third parties and we will never send out any promotional material or adverts either.


Sign our guestbook! To do so, just use the „New entry“ („Neuer Eintrag“) function on the left-hand sidebar. Your e-mail address will be visible to the administrator only and not made public.

We welcome your feedback, be it praise, criticism or suggestions for improvement.

If you feel like telling us where you are following Rockstage-Riot-Rheinmain from and how you first found this blog, then please do.


One more thing: this blog is 100% DIY. We’ve not had any professional help and don’t intend to use any in the future either. As a consequence, please don’t expect us to be perfectionists, mistakes can happen. If you notice any inaccuracies, please point them out to us (nicely) and we will rectify them.

This website is independent and non-commercial: we don’t sell anything (definitely not our soul) and we don’t buy anything either.

Have fun browsing our pages!

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